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“I also began to devote more of my alone time to yoga. Yoga has allowed me to detoxify and ideally stretch my mind and body in ways I never thought possible.”



Having the platform to touch on mental health is both critical and beneficial to those who might find themselves trying to cope during challenging and overwhelming times.

I can recall back to a time, just a few years ago, when I was faced with a mental illness. I can definitely say it’s one of those things that is brushed away and often times deemed as not a big deal. I also recall my first experience with this topic when I was in my second semester of my Masters program. I literally was at the end of my rope. I wanted to be able to attend school full time, maintain a position in my field, uphold a social life and keep up with the affairs with my family. I didn’t realize how detrimental all of that became when I refused to talk about or deal with the stress of it all. My second experience occurred as I entered my second school year at a new school with a new position. The population of the students was very different and I had to learn how to appropriately address my feelings. It was then that I realized I wasn’t taught how to cope with nor communicate my feelings effectively. When you’re taught to keep striving and keep going, you don’t make it paramount to touch on emotions or anything revolving around the scope of feelings. Gradually I began to learn the notion: You are not weak if you choose to share your thoughts and feelings with others. This has allowed me to open up and express my feelings with my family and close friends, along with venturing into new practices of self care.

 I started by writing in my spare time and created a safe space online where I can share those practices along with my journey in self care. I also began to devote more of my alone time to yoga. Yoga has allowed me to detoxify and ideally stretch my mind and body in ways I never thought possible. By implementing yoga into my alone time, I recognized a lot. I began building the courage to trust myself within these peaceful moments and started reflecting and developing a deeper relationship between myself and Christ. There was a period in time I did not allow myself any free leisure time. But as I grant myself this space, I now have plentiful opportunities to relax is therapeutic for me.

Here are some tips you can use to get out of a slump:

Jot down or speak positive affirmations that you want to showcase throughout your day or week. Affirmations such as, “I am joyful” or “I am loving” can help to change the negative language we might use against ourselves and instead, positively establish a new found way in which we perceive ourselves.

All in all, I hope we all can continue to open up more dialogue revolving mental illness, help to change the narrative and ultimately change the negative stigma behind it.

Magnolia is a Fashion and Wellness Blogger. Her work highlights Afro-latinas who are trailblazing in the fashion industry. Magnolia takes pride in her self-care practices and aspires to have more discussions pertaining self love & self care to demystify the stigma in embracing our thoughts and feelings.  

Zodiac Sign: Libra 

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