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“DIY or Die(?)” By AMM

Trigger Warning: This post contains mentions of depression and anxiety, as well as descriptions of some symptoms of these conditions, and brief mentions of suicidal ideation. Additionally, the subject of inadequate care from mental health professionals is discussed at length. I was 11 years old […]

“Mental Health & Me”: an anonymous essay

This article contains mentions of weight loss and symptoms of depression, which could be triggering.  I had always struggled with anxiety from an early age. I needed to know the entire schedule for the entire day along with meals from the moment I woke up. […]

“Mental Health and Me: The Positives and Negatives of Anxiety” by Anonymous

Suffering with my mental health is something I have always battled with right throughout my teenage years, all the way until I decided to defer my offer at university on the grounds that I could not at all see myself being able to go without […]

“Realizing Mental Illness” by Anonymous

Mental health and me – I always thought it was always me against the depression and anxiety but I’ve now come to accept it’s a part of me. Here is my story of how I realised I had a mental illness and my journey to […]