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“DIY or Die(?)” By AMM

Trigger Warning: This post contains mentions of depression and anxiety, as well as descriptions of some symptoms of these conditions, and brief mentions of suicidal ideation. Additionally, the subject of inadequate care from mental health professionals is discussed at length. I was 11 years old […]

“Mental Health & Me”: an anonymous essay

This article contains mentions of weight loss and symptoms of depression, which could be triggering.  I had always struggled with anxiety from an early age. I needed to know the entire schedule for the entire day along with meals from the moment I woke up. […]

“the could have, would have, should have romance” by Pam

i would have known you better than i could have and definitely should have but could have’s, would have’s, and should have’s… there are many, but who would haves? talk is cheap and now i’d give my life to listen to you for one day […]

“Mental Health & Me” by Perri

This article contains mentions of self-harm, bullying, body-image, and symptoms of depression, which could be triggering.  For years I have struggled with my Mental Health, Self – Esteem and my weight, always blowing it off and always thinking it was just a ‘phase.’ I was […]

“9:25 Psychosis” by Brianna Stevenson

Too sick for a demon Too dark to be an angel My mental purgatory wreaks of misfortune. They say one big shock unlocks the door Yet it’s still locked. The little ones aren’t too bad, anyway. See, that’s the thing about sickness: How can it […]