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“How I Deal With My Triggers” by Anonymous

I’ve never been diagnosed with anxiety or anything but if anyone knows how to research, it’s me! I’m a student for a living. I smoked weed starting age 13. I started having panic attacks at 19 while in junior college. I remember a really bad […]

“Mental Health and Me: The Positives and Negatives of Anxiety” by Anonymous

Suffering with my mental health is something I have always battled with right throughout my teenage years, all the way until I decided to defer my offer at university on the grounds that I could not at all see myself being able to go without […]

“Me and My Shadow: Tears, Fears, and Years of Living with Depression” by Hazel Thomas

Today has not been a good day, and that’s okay. In fact, the more times I have said that to myself when I’m not having a good day, the better it has made me feel.  I mean who needs guilt for feeling crap on top […]