Sex Toys We're Bringing Into The New Year

Because self-indulgence is a means of taking care, too.

Image Credit:  @unboundbabes

Image Credit: @unboundbabes

By Amani Richardson

Sure, self-pleasure and masturbation is taboo. But this notion is also hella 2000-and-lame. As we grow through womanhood and learn about the beautiful complexities of our bodies, we’ll notice that there’s so much more to explore beyond the physicality of our frames.

Masturbating is a way to help guide me in learning what exactly turns me on, what turns me off and even understanding the various ways I can pleasure myself without a man. Since about forever, I’ve always felt a discomforting sensation when trying to masturbate using my own hands. Sure, it sounds a bit silly, but for this reason, I’ve turned my senses towards learning all about sex toys and the ways that I can open up and dive deeper into the world of pleasure and intimacy.

Different strokes for different folks, and trust me— it’s ok if you’re like me and you cringe at trying to masturbate using your own hands. Check out this curated list of some of our favorite and beginner-friendly sex toys that’ll make you forget about your non-existent bae and knock your socks off.



Image Credit:  @unboundbabes

Image Credit: @unboundbabes

This babe will have you flexin’ after your first go-round. The level of flexibility that this internal vibrator has is stunning to say the least. With it’s super soft shell, you’ll be sure to feel maximum comfort. The best part is that you can bend or flex this baby to fit your needs in any which way. Using an internal vibrator that allows you to shape and form your pleasure experience down there is a vibrator I’m worth spending my coins on.


Image credit:  @unboundbabes

Image credit: @unboundbabes

The self-repeating vibrator that you never knew you needed is here. Sometimes, it can be a tad-bit annoying switching and clicking through patterns and settings to reach your peak during a session. Well, this teeny babe called ‘Squish’ makes it a little easier. With Squish, you can create your own vibrations by squeezing it in your own patterns. Not to mention, the harder you squeeze, the harder the vibration *wink, wink*. Also, this little guy is pretty quiet, so no need to fret while indulging in some self-care while the folks are home.



Image credit:  @getmaude

Image credit: @getmaude

One of the most chic and classy vibrators I’ve had yet to indulge in. First of all, look at it. You can literally leave this baby on your nightstand and no one could hardly tell that it’s a vibrator (at least, that’s been the case for me.) With just three simple settings, the vibrations on this thing are super powerful and are really more than you need. If you’re the girl that doesn’t like patterns, this one’s for you. Simple, chic and classy is who this babe belongs to.

LeWand Massager


Image Credit:  @lewandmassager

Image Credit: @lewandmassager

Wait, did I say this has ten vibration patterns? Well, now you know. I should also mention that this vibrator has been more of a benefit to massaging my body than rocking my world down there. The Wand is a bit more on the larger and heavier side, but if you’re looking to indulge in your own body massages and take it up a notch, this one’s for you. But nonetheless, I’ve had amazing O’s with this babe. If deep and rumbly is your jam, cop this.