Virgo Season Insights 🌿

Words cast spells. Are you helping or harming yourself?

Via  @Eboneedavis  ; Photographed by  @brandonhicks

Via @Eboneedavis ; Photographed by @brandonhicks

By Vei Darling

Virgo is the sign of the Virgin Maiden. She is an Earth element represented by the goddess, Ceres (who is also an asteroid that signifies abundance through hard work).  Virgo births Pisces, the cosmic child of the zodiac. The purity of this Mother sign is what gives Pisces the power of the pure, divine love to heal the world. It’s a benevolent energy that, when healthily embodied, can heal any system from chaotic & ineffectual to positively magnificent! A healthy Virgo fosters friends and loved ones, but an unhealthy Virgo is hypercritical and their attachment can feel suffocating. It’s important to consider how we find this balance in our own lives, with ourselves and others.

As the Sun enters the sign of Virgo, we look to the sign of Leo where its planetary ruler, Mercury sits alongside the part of Fortune. Fortuna is the lunar ascendent and it represents where in our lives prosperity flows easily. By tapping into this part of ourselves, we find creating a life & career easier. Many astrologers & spiritual workers have their part of Fortune in Neptune. Here we see it in Leo, supercharging our communication lines to manifest our dreams and goals much easier. It calls us to shine as brilliantly as possible, taking all of the lessons we have learned over the past few months and applying them diligently. 

We will end up in a lot of rooms filled with all the right people that can change your life. Now is not the time to play shy. Tap into that Leo Mercury energy and speak with sparkling confidence in who you are and what you’re made of. You have come way too far to stop now! Speak with conviction and give thanks for this new sense of clarity. Talk boldly and be proud of not only your accomplishments but your goals! Speak it into existence! Allow the gentle nudges (and clear signs) from the Universe to check and balance you as you intentionally advocate for yourself and your dream lifestyle. 

Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node all still sit retrograde in Capricorn, which means we still have a lot of karmic healing to do. Things reach a sense of ease with Jupiter now direct in its home of Sagittarius. When not careful, easy come, easy go with Sag’s. But when mindfully assisted by the Virgo Sun, those things that go are karmic toxins that become investments into carefully crafted futures for ourselves that bring us great pleasure and peace. Stay tuned into the insights that come in on where to adjust initial plans for realistic manifestation.

With the Sun, Venus, and Mars in Virgo, there is a lot of Divine Mother energy in the cosmos, but Mercury (planetary ruler of Virgo) is also associated with anxiety and nitpicking. Use this time to speak up and advocate for your inner child (Chiron retrograde in Aries) in the ways you so desperately needed but were unable to have. Perhaps your parent was more of a critic than your cheerleader. Maybe you had authority figures who never saw your assets and only focused on what could be improved. While there is always room for improvement, all work and no play might ingrain a lack of self-worth in us. If we have embodied the idea that we are not whole within who we are, it’s time to unlearn that.  Be the Divine Mother for yourself! Create boundaries, exercise discipline, make the hard decisions, reward yourself responsibly— you deserve that love and care. You deserve that validation! Give it to yourself. Release any attachments that have been holding you back! Re-evaluate your divine alignment. What feels off? Reset. What needs work? Adjust. Just remember to remain compassionate! Maintain sight of the big picture and don’t get too caught up on menial details. Call on the insights from the Aquarius Full Moon if you feel yourself getting stuck.

Get excited for a total reset, both inside and out with Virgo season. Stay on top of your daily routine and remember, practice makes perfect! Enjoy <3 

About Vei Darling—

Vei is an astral intuitive, energy worker, Highly Sensitive Person, and messenger for and embodiment of the Divine. Vei has been practicing nature-based spirituality for most of her life through drawing on various global spiritual practices to form her own ‘Cosmic Wellness’. Through this practice, Vei has found great healing through anxiety & depression.