Recap: Sad Girls Club 1st Art Therapy Event!

Recap: Sad Girls Club 1st Art Therapy Event!

What makes for a better day than a relaxing at the park on a Sunday with the most inspirational sad gals on the planet?

We hosted our first Sad Girls Club @ the Park series with an Art Therapy themed event sponsored by Ingrid Mellor and Laura McGinley.

We learned;

  1. Art therapy is a great way to express the feelings/thoughts you can’t put into words
  2. You don’t need to be a professional artist to participate (woop! woop!)
  3. Art therapy may help you release bad vibes/ negative thoughts
  4. It’s a fun activity to do alone or with a friend
  5. Through viewing one’s own creation – one can improve the skill of self-observation

Have you tried art therapy before? What are your thoughts?

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