“We can’t be friends” by Vision Gunn

Sad Girls Club is launching a new project — each month, we’re choosing a theme, and our SGC members send in work that relates. We’re here to shine a spotlight on your experiences! This month, our theme is “Mental Health & Me“.¬†

“We can’t be friends” by Vision Gunn

How? I don’t know

Why? I’m not sho

All I know is I want to cry

So I did until my well ran dry

My social life’s lights look dim

But I’m coming into my own and have been

Everytime I think of you I think of what could have been

You is a 100 people

You is not only you so don’t think I’m all about you

I have felt for many

I have dealt in pity

The only thing that really hurts me now is when the food don’t taste good

I’m drawn to simple pleasures hoping they don’t let me down

I like to control what I like

I move to the same beat everyday

I am too hard on myself in every way

I could spend more money but I’m trying to get my place

I have outgrown sharing space

I need a forest fire

The bad things seem to never go away




I’m Vision, and this a poem about mental health and why we (depression and me ūüėČ) cannot be friends! It also takes you through the emotions I felt/feel on a daily basis. It is very personal, but as always someone out there can relate. Stay strong xx

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