“How I deal with my triggers” by Miranda

My name is Miranda, but my friends call me Mir for short, I’m 24 years old and I live in Argentina. Always been a shy and kind of closed person until I get comfortable with people. Honestly talking I suffer from anxiety, social anxiety and depression, detected at the age of 16. Also, epileptic since the age of 10. It’s really hard to be social in an unknown environment with people I barely know but lately I’ve been finding myself more open to get to know them. I usually tend to go for walks and listen to music or read something on parks or while I travel, it keeps my thoughts calm and far from what triggers them. I’ve found myself caring more about my well-being, loving my life a little bit more with every step. I also found it very calm to write whenever I need to cry, usually written words tend to say more than those that sometimes are forgotten while speaking. To paint, take photos of beautiful and yet old structures keeps me amazed with what surrounds me and getting lost sometimes is one of a kind adventure while getting to know more about my triggers. There are times when I feel I can’t be in someplace but then, I feel like I have a special place waiting for me to be occupied and so with fear and all I find myself with my legs crossed reading a book, poetry, taking photos, drinking, watching the sky, seeing people living or just enjoying a moment with someone and feeling more brave and better than before. I think that a part of getting to deal with your triggers is that there’s a limit and that you put it whenever you feel like it. Getting to know and accept yourself and them, gives you the chance to know where you can start to make some changes for better. As an outcast, most of the time I find it better to give myself some quality time with being just with me, and it’s not bad, but whenever you feel like it just can’t get better, remember that there’s always people that can help you, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and ask for help, you’re human and worth it.

I can thank enough to Instagram for finding such an incredible family as SGC it is for me, I hope it keeps on growing in the future.
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