October Submission Guidelines

We’d love to have your voice on the Sad Girls Club site! 
Each month we’ll be sharing a different theme — October’s is How I Live With My Triggers. We can’t always control our environment, and we definitely can’t always control how our mind reacts. Whatever mental illnesses you’re surviving, how do you respond to a trigger?

Before you submit content to sadgirlsclubirl@gmail.com, please adhere to the following guidelines:


-Does this post contain sensitive content? No worries. Just include a trigger warning so readers can be prepared.

-Let’s make the post look good! Include a picture to go along with your work. (Make sure you provide us with the proper credit so we don’t have to go around using the reverse Google Images search)

-Who are you? Send us a three sentence bio explaining anything we should know about you. Where are you located? What are your pronouns? What do you like to do and how did you find Sad Girls Club? If you want the submission to be anonymous instead, just make that clear.