Sad Girls Club was founded in February 2017 by Elyse Fox.

After releasing a Documentary Film about her life with depression Elyse immediately experienced a wave of young women from all over the world who were seeking a mentor through their own mental health struggles.

Sad Girls Club is an IRL and online platform created to bring together girls with mental illnesses with the goal of:

1.  Removing the negative stigma that surrounds mental health conversations.

2. Provide mental health services to girls who don’t have access to therapy and treatment.

3. Create an ‘in real life’ judgement free community for young women so they know they’re not alone.


We currently host monthly events throughout the tri-state area and will be launching our KickStarter.com soon to raise funds and expand our Sad Girl network throughout the U.S.

Sad Girls Club is joining the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Project 2025 initiative.The goal is to reduce the rate of suicide in the U.S. 20% by 2025.